Server Rules

Server Rules

1. Basic provisions

1.1 Confirmation of registration on the server means your agreement with the established rules.
1.2 Ignorance of the rules is not a basis for exemption from liability for their violation.
1.3 The administration has the right to make any changes on the server or change the server rules without prior notice to the players.
1.4 Full implementation of gaming capabilities for each player is allowed, subject to compliance with the server rules.
1.5 It is allowed to use only two game windows per player at the same time: the main one and the additional one. The number of computers, laptops or portable devices does not matter.
1.6 Bypassing the restriction (clause 1.5) in any way is prohibited.
1.7 The creator of the master account is fully responsible for its use, regardless of who carried out actions on his behalf.
1.8 The server is positioned as a project for adults (18+), where there may be PC content, profanity and fraud as part of the gameplay.
1.9 The player is solely responsible for the safety of his game account data.
1.10 The server administration has the right to terminate the provision of server access services to a specific user at any time without giving reasons.

2. Gameplay

2.1 The use or discussion of any game bugs is prohibited - players are required to immediately report discovered bugs to the server administration.
2.2 Trade or transfer of game assets is carried out directly by the players and remains entirely within their area of responsibility.
2.3 It is prohibited to deliberately create situations in which players in peaceful zones cannot pass through doors, passages, arches, etc.
2.4 It is prohibited to deliberately create situations in which players in peaceful zones cannot select NPCs or other players without using the /target command.
2.5 It is prohibited to use software, equipment or means of modifying the game client: a) emulating the presence of a player or automating game processes; b) disrupting the normal operation of the server; c) giving advantages over other players (wallhack, viewing HP, etc.).
2.6 It is prohibited to share or gain experience in a group with players who violate the rules of clause 2.5.
2.7 It is prohibited to kill monsters when they cannot hit the player for reasons not provided for by the game.
2.8 Any actions that could harm the server (causing lags, crashes, etc.) are prohibited.
2.9 In case of a violation committed more than 30 days ago, the administration has the right to reject the complaint.
2.10 If checks by the administrator or GM are ignored, the player is recognized as a bot. Checks can be carried out using various methods, including sending chat messages, teleportation, etc.
2.11 The administration reserves the right to any moderation of the chat (for example, a ban on discussing politics).
2.12 It is prohibited to carry out automated character actions without the active participation of the player at the computer, including the use of clickers and in-game macros of any kind. The exception is passive activities such as standing, sitting, or running while tethered to another player. These actions can be started with just one click and will continue until interrupted for some reason. Resuming such an action requires the presence of the player and an additional click.

3. Player interaction

3.1 Creating characters on the forum, in the game and in other information resources of the server with names that visually imitate the nicknames of other participants for the purpose of committing fraudulent actions is punishable by violation of the rules.
3.2 It is prohibited to discuss “bugs”, “bots”, “hacks”, including situations with the same meaning.
3.3 Publishing personal information about other project participants, including their names, telephone numbers and other personal data, without their permission is strictly prohibited.
3.4 Anti-advertising actions and measures aimed at discrediting the project are unacceptable.
3.5 Actions whose purpose is to incite hatred or hostility based on gender, race, nationality, religion or social group membership are prohibited.
3.6 Commercial advertising and promotion of other projects is strictly prohibited.
3.7 Unauthorized access to other people's accounts is not permitted.
3.8 There is a ban on gaming scam in cases of theft of game values from someone else’s character without the explicit consent of the account owner, as well as using “trade scam” tricks, where the fraudster replaces the real trading character (including the cases provided for in clause 3.1).
3.9 It is prohibited to publish any information about other users, including names, telephone numbers, etc., without their permission.

4. Interaction with the administration

4.1 It is prohibited to disseminate false information about the server or its administration, which could lead to reputational damage to the project.
4.2 The administration does not interfere with the game process unless it violates the server rules or prompt intervention is required.
4.3 It is prohibited to impersonate a representative of the administration on the game server, Discord, forum and other information resources of the project.
4.4 Any insults, slander or disrespect towards the administration, as well as deliberate misrepresentation, are strictly prohibited.
4.5 It is prohibited to publish correspondence with the administration or its contents without prior approval.

5. Anti-RMT policy (selling or buying for real currency)

5.1 It is prohibited to buy or sell game accounts, valuables (characters, adena, things, etc.) or services (boosting, protection, hiring, etc.) for real currency.
5.2 Any attempts to commit violations related to the sale of game accounts, valuables or services for real currency are considered committed and are subject to full punishment, regardless of the result.
5.3 Any form of advertising of the services described in clause 5.1 is prohibited.