«I'm a Streamer!»
The loyalty program "I'm a Streamer" is a reward system for content makers who stream the Keltir.com server on YouTube, Twitch and Trovo. Depending on the number of viewers and the duration of the broadcast, the program participant receives rewards to the account balance, which can cash out or transfer into game in Keltir Coins.


Apply for participation

  • submit an application in the player’s personal account on the website

Wait for approval

  • we will check the readiness of your channels and ask questions

Download the streamer package

  • files that will be useful when making a broadcast are posted in your personal account

Stream Up

Add channels

  • add your channels in your streamer’s personal account

Read the rules and tune in to the broadcast

  • add the project logo and the word Keltir to the title of the broadcast. full list of requirements at link.

Start streaming

  • entertain viewers, expand your audience

Make money

Get paid for streaming

  • for your work you receive Keltir Coins, which you can transfer into the game

Cash out

  • once a month you can request to withdraw your earnings into real money

Enter the Top 3

  • and get the opportunity to paint your nickname in a unique color and other benefits