Bonus start until 13st of May! Hurry up!

In the warm rays of the spring sun, Keltir encourages newcomers to challenge fate and take the winding path of adventurers!
Along the way, exciting battles, searches for treasures and ancient secrets, new acquaintances, meetings with old friends
and joint confrontation with the forces of evil will await you.

And to make the journey less difficult for young adventurers, Keltir will help with:

🔸 Runes of experience
🔸 Runes to increase the dropped adena
🔸 Wanderer equipment (wooden or devotion set, depending on the class)
🔸 Soulshots and Spiritshots NG and D grade

In addition, all newcomers from level 1 to 40 will be supported by:

🔸 Cheaper teleportation services to villages and hunting areas
🔸 Newbie assistants with a buff available up to level 40

But that's not all. By an incredible coincidence all adventurers, regardless of level, are waiting for the glorious “Medal Collector” event,
where you can get:

🔹 Magic potions
🔹 Blessed  Scrolls of Escape and Resurrection
🔹 Enchantment scrolls of various grades
🔹 A festive accessory
🔹 SA crystals
🔹 Majestic Jewelry A-grade

The "Spring Fever" campaign will be held from 29.03.2024 to 01.05.2024
The Medal Collector event will take place from 05.04.2024 to 15.04.2024

"Spring Fever" campaign extended until 13.05.2024


A detailed description of the Bonus Start is available at the link: